Time Enforcers Kickstarter Campaign

An RPG Game and Digital Comic — With a Twist!

Join the Galactic Space-Time Consortium to defeat the dreaded time-altering mechanisms of the evil mastermind Chronolith. 

Solve puzzles and defeat the forces of Chronolith throughout history's past, present, future, and beyond.

Time Enforcers is appropriate for kids and those who are kids at heart; it combines the gameplay of a role-playing experience with the storytelling of a digital comic book.

We want players to take a leap of faith to discover just how much fun it can be to learn about other civilizations and cultures and their significant impact on our lives — all while playing a game with an integrated multi-media graphic novel experience.

What's cooler and more engaging for a learning experience than doing it through gameplay?

The game is currently available for the PC, Mac, and Android platforms.

You can purchase your copy of the game on this page.

If you would like to purchase online access to the Digital Comic Book portion of the game, click below:

>> Click here to Purchase Access to the Online Digital Comic Book


You can purchase the latest version of the game here:

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