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Unveiling Time Enforcers: #PitchYaGame Premiere

Dec 9, 2023 -- Posted by : admin

Will you step up to the challenge to save time as we know it? Can you help the Galactic Space-Time Consortium stop the maniacal Chronolith and his evil agents of doom from destroying the very fabric of our reality itself?

Time Enforcers — A role-playing game and digital comic with a twist. Not only can you complete missions in the past, present, and future to thwart Chonolith’s evil time altering schemes, but you can learn about history and other civilizations while you’re doing it!

We are nearing the final stages of development of the first mission, Time Out of Time in Feudal Japan and can use your support to help continue the development of the game and future expansions.

Check out the link to our itch.io page:


to learn more about Time Enforcers. Saving the Day . . . One Era at a Time. Be sure to follow us there. A beta version of the game will be posted very shortly and the Dev Log of the page will be updated when the beta is ready for download.


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