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Meet the Time Enforcers Agents

Get to know the agents that stand between preserving our timeline and the evil mechanisms of Chronolith.

HG Wells

Serving as the Executive Director of Temporal Affairs, Wells and CT Huygens co-founded the Galactic Space-Time Consortium in 2157 AD.

The Time Enforcers Agents Corps was formed after a major rupture in the space-time continuum in 2160 AD. 

Dr. CT Huygens

Professor of Temporal Dynamics, California Institute of Technology, and life-long friend of HG Wells.

Amelia Earhart

American aviator and the first woman to cross the Atlantic in a single-propeller airplane — her Lockheed Vega 5B.


Benjamin Bannecker

Mathematician, astronomer, and civil rights activist during the time of the American Revolution, Bannecker was the inventor of the first wooden clock in the American colonies. 



Samurai Warrior from Ancient Feudal Japan. Kaizen believes in continuously improving one's self for the betterment of others.

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